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Scope of application:

ldeal for rear tilling, ditching, ridging in all types of cash crops&spicy crops like sugarcane, cotton,

tobacco, grape, ginger, chili and green onion.etc.


. Handle can be adjusted as required

Adjust Support Wheel to Suit Different Soil and Terrain

Powerful Engine with Prolonged Bath Oil Type Air Filter Which Prevents Dust and Extends Lifetime

Compact and Attractive Structure

Easy Gear Shifting Allows Convenient Operation

Blades Numbers Optional to Suit Different Requirements.

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Model WMX620 WMX620-1 WMX720
Body size (mm) 1400x700x900 1450x650x900 1680 x660x 930
Tilling scope (mm) 620 tllinig/620,ditching/290 600
Tlling depth (mm) >=100 Tiling:>=100,ditching> 60 150-250
Gear shifting -1、0、1、2 walking gearbox:-1、0、1、2. Tilling gearbox:-1、1 3、2、1、0、-1、-2


Driving model gear+chain gear+chain gear
Transmission oil capacity (L) gear box:1.2 Tilling box:0.6  gear box:1.2 Tiling box:0.6  gear box:2,tilling box:0.4
Engine model WM170F-2/P WM170F-2/P WM170F-2/P
Max power hp (kw)rpm 7(5.1) /3600 7(5.1)/3600 7(5.1)/3600


100/130  100/130 Traction part:75/9O

working part:40/50

Packaging Dimension (mm) 1280x740x720 1280x740x720 Tractionpart850x720x600

Working part:720x550x450



81 81 112


Accessories walking iron wheel,back rotary  blade 5pcs ditching blade, 3pcs 3 group rotary blade,1 set iron wheel, 1 set of 3.5-6 rubber tyre 10pcs (2+1) rotary tilling blade


Certification CE CE


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