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Cylinder Liners & Pistons

The pistons are made of special aluminum alloy with ALFIN alloy ring. Let the pistons have long life. Running more smoothly. The diesel engines are more high efficient.

The liners are made of cost iron alloy or steel with Chrome plate. The all design are from OEM model. They are manufactured by high accurate machine.

The pistons are made of special aluminium complemented with ALFIN alloy rings.

Pistons with our ALFIN rings provide comparative qualities as to those made in Germany, Japan and Britain.

With this new technology, the engine can run at higher RPM, higher compression pressure and produce more power without increasing piston working temperature thus enhancing engine performance and prolonged piston lifespan whilst reducing emissions.


* Brinell hardness is 120-160HB

* High Wear Resistance Nickel Alloy

* Suitable for Gasoline and Diesel Engine Pistons

The cylinder liners are made of cast iron alloy or steel with Chrome plating accurately machined to comply with OEM standards and quality.