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Special Equipment

Introduction to Mobile Power bank for Surveillance


  1. Fully integrated design, tough and durable. Case with anti-rust and anticorrosion coating for long time outdoor/seaside operation;
  2. Adopting international standard towing structure, providing good mobility;
  3. Torsion bar suspension structure ensuring good stability and minimumvibration;
  4. High windresistance. Automatic rising mast, can be adjusted to any height between 2 to 6 meters, and can withstand strong wind above force 8 (Pneumatic rod must be lowered appropriately in wind above force 6);
  5. Adjust the height of the 4 supporting legs by winding, make sure each leg touches the ground, and trailer body is stable, horizontal on the ground;
  6. Powered by 2 groups of batteries(Group A & Group B) integrated in the system; the battery capacity according to customer’s need and duration time requirement of the equipment;
  7. Endurance time: can work ceaselessly under abundant sunlight;
  8. Comes with city power connector, can be powered or charged by city power;
  9. Can be powered in 4 modes: by battery A, by battery B, by solar power, by city power; choose according to the power of the loading equipments;
  10. With manual brake function. Maximum towing speed can reach 60KM/Hr;
  11. Capacities of solar panels:  3*100W ~ 3*400W available;
  12. Withdraw the solar panels in strong winds, otherwise the stability of the system will be affected;
  13. Monitoring control system MPPT can monitor the power generated by the solar panels at real-time and trace the maximum voltage and current, enabling the system to charge the batteries at full power. It is utilized in off-grid solar system to coordinate the working of solar panels, batteries and loads. It is the core controlling module of off-grid solar system;
  14. Weight:  350KG ~ 750KG;
Special Equipment
Special Equipment

Mobile Power Bank for Surveillance

Special Equipment

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