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Prime:350KVA(280KW )Standby:385KVA(308KW)

*Composed of Cummins,YTO,Perkins,SDEC,Deutz diesel engine and Stamford or Kusing, Marathon, Leroy somer alternator;

*24V DC start motor and storage battery;

*Brushless, Self-excited, IP23, insulation class H alternator;

*50℃ radiator as standard;

*Digitalstart panel control system as standard, digital auto-start panel is optional;

* 8-hour operation base tank;

*Optional open type or silent type;

*All generator sets are gone through rigorous testing before being released to the market place, including 50% load, 75% load, 100% load , 110% load and all protection function (overspeed stop, high water temperature, low oil pressure, battery charging fail, emergency stop)

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Prime Power is available for an unlimited number of annual operating hours in variable load applications,in accordance with ISO8528-1


The Standby Power is applicable for supplying emergency power for the duration of utility power interruption.No overload,utility parallel or negotiated outage operation capacity is available at this rating

Generator set Genset Model CK32800 PK32800 K32800 SK32800 DK32800
Engine Brand Cummins Perkins YTO SDEC Deutz
Engine Model NTA855-G2A 1706A-E93TAG2 YM6S9L-D SC12E460D2 BF6M1015-LA G3A
Alternator Moedel S314G280D6
Controller Kusing 6132 Comap/Deep sea Kusing 6132 Comap/Deep sea
Switch CHNT 630A
Internal protection IP22
Rate current(A) 504
Specific Fuel Consumption(G/KW.H)@100% Load 208 208 213 192
Engine Model NTA855-G2A 1706A-E93TAG2 YM6S9L-D SC12E460D2 BF6M1015-LA G3A
NO. of Cylinder 6 6 6 6 6
Cylinder Type L V L L L
RPM 1500
Bore (mm) 140 115 126 128 132
Stroke(mm) 152 149 155 153 145
Speed Governor Electronic Electronic Electronic Electronic Electronic
Start system(VDC) 24 24 24 24 24
Lub Oil Specification CF/ 15W40 CF/15W40 CF/15W40 CF/15W40 CF/15W40
Displacement(Ltrs) 14 9.29 11.596 11.8 11.9
Lub Oil Sump Capacity(Ltrs) 38.6 40 17 33-41 38
Coolant Capacity(Ltrs) 20.8(only engine) 26-30(only engine) 55 (only engine) 23.2(only engine) 17(only engine)
Air inspiration Turbocharged Turbocharged Turbocharged Turbocharged Turbocharged
Alternator Phase 3
Brand Kusing
Model S314G280D6
3 Phase Voltage(1 Phase) Volts 380-415(220-240)
RPM/Frequency 1500rpm/50hz
Power Factor(%) 0.8(lagging)
Voltage Tolerance(+/- %) 1
Insulation Class H
Weight Open (KG) 3200 2832 2890 2900 3200
Silent(KG) 4000 3984 3590 3590 3985
Size OPen(L*W*H)mm 3000*1100*1890 3000*1100*1690 3000*1100*1800 3175*1100*1595 3000*1150*1990
Silent(L*W*H)mm 4500*1400*2200 4200*1400*2200 4500*1500*2200 4500*1500*2200 4800*1700*2300
Noise(DBA) Open NA NA NA NA NA
Noise( 7M at the Genset) 80 80 80 80 80
Fuel Tank Capacity SUPPORT TO RUN 8 TO 10 HOURS

OPEN                                                                                                                SILENT



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