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3D95  6201-K1-2000(UP)+6201-K2-2000(Lower)

Head-gasket 3D95  6201-11-1810

4D92  :6141-K1-8000 (uP)+ 6141-K2-8000(Lower)

Head gasket  4D92  6141-11-1813

4D94  6144-K1-9900(Up)/6144-K2-9900(Lower)

Head-gasket   4D94   6144-11-1811

4D94E   (with Mt head-gasket)

4D94E  YM129901-013331  (MT)

4D94E       with SL head-gasket

4D94E  YM129901-013331  (SL)

4D95    6204-K1-3400(Up)+6204-K2-3400(Lower)

Head-gasket  4D95 (MT)  6204-11-1810

Head-gasket (SL)  4D95    6204-11-1810

4D102  6735-K1-1112(UP) +6735-K2-11129(Lower)

Head-gasket 4D102  6734-11-1811

4D105-3    6131-K1-9901(Up)+6131-K2-9901(Lower)

Head-gasket  4D105-3  6131-11-1810

4D105-5    6134-K1-5000(Up)+6134-K2-5000(Lower)

Head-gasket 4D105-5     6134-11-1810

4D130    6114-K1-9901(Up) + Lower

Head-gasket    4D130  6114-11-1810

S6D107             6754-K1-9110(Up)+6754-K2-9110(Lower)

Head-gasket  S6D107    6754-91-9110

6D125    6150-K1-1201(Up)+6150-K2-1200(Lower)

Head-gasket  6D125      6150-17-1812

S6D125  6154-K1-9900(Up)+6154-K2-9900(Lower)

Head-gasket  S6D125    6151-17-1812

6D140    6212-K1-9901(Up)+6212-K2-9901(Lower)

Head-gasket   6D140  (old)  6210-17-1813

Head-gasket   6D140  different between New and Old.

S6D95  with Head-gasket  Mt   6207-K1-2001(up)+6207-K2-2001(lower)

Head-gasket  S6D95 (Mt)  6205-12-1812,6206-11-1821

S6D95L  6207-K1-2002(up)+6207-K2-2002(Lower)

Head-gasket  S6D95L (Gp)  6206-11-1830

S6D102    6735-K1-1110(up)+6735-K2-1110(Lower)

Head-gasket S6D102      6735-11-1812

S6D105    6136-K1-0111(up)+6136-K2-0111(lower)

Head-gasket  S6D105    6136-11-1821

S6D108      6221-K1-9901(up)+6221-K2-9901(Lower)

Head-gasket   S6D108  6221-17-1811 

S6D110    6138-K1-0102(up)+6138-K2-0102(lower)

head-gasket  S6D110    6138-19-1811

S6D155  6128-K1-9901 (Up)

S6D155(Lower)    6128-K2-0024

Head-gasket  S6D155    6127-11-1817

S6D170    6162-K1-5000(up)

S6D170(Lower)  6162-K2-5000

Head-gasket  S6D170    6162-13-1812


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